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Director Mr. Kittpat Thanasontirach

Our services include:

  • Buying and selling yachts, boats, Jet skis, UTVs & ATV’s
  • Boat launch & Storage service (Pull, Parking, Maintenance, Cleaning)
  • Boat Rental
  • Yacht Charter
  • OEM Spare Parts (imported)

Meet Mr. Kittpat Thanasontirach, CEO of Pattaya Water Sport Club. Mr. Kittpat has more than 20 years of experience in the business of Brokerage & Boat Sales, Yacht Charter, Boat & Jet Ski rental, cleaning, launch & storage among others. In his early days Mr. Kittpat gained experience with some of the most reputable boat operators in the Pattaya region, then later to establish himself as an entrepreneur.

Today Mr. Kittpat is the proud owner of an establishment that offers you the best luxury yacht charter selection available, right here in Pattaya, Thailand. With a great variety of boat categories, we have the perfect array for private hire that can serve for all types of events.

One of Mr. Kittpat’s main expertises is brokerage and boat sales. If you are the owner of a vessel, and you wish to charter, Mr. Kittpat is your trusted agent. Over the many years many boat owner has sought Mr. Kittpat’s service and consultation with great satisfaction. If you wish to sell, buy, charter or simply have questions of any kind, write or call us to inquire.